Create your own tailor-made cocoon
for moments of well-being,
relaxation and detox

A relaxing space at home or accessible to the public, La Compagnie du Bien-Être is at your service to conceive your project and create an authentic and convivial well-being space. A moment of well-being to recharge your batteries and reconnect with your body.


the sensorial break

This privileged moment to evacuate the stress of the day by a blood activation with the elimination of toxins (depurative), relaxing and curative. A high degree of humidity (85% to 100%), and low heat (35° to 48°C), the calming effect of chromotherapy added to the beneficial effects of essential oils of aromatherapy guarantee you a true experience of voluptuousness against a background of music therapy. La Compagnie du Bien-Être custom-builds your future Hammam with a wide choice of materials.



the relaxation moment

The sauna, by its therapeutic virtues, decongests, softens and relieves aches and pains. It stimulates and rebalances the psychophysical conditions because nothing is more effective to free oneself from nervous tension and to calm one's anxiety. A lot of heat (85°C to 100°C) and little humidity (20% to 30%) for a classic sauna and a heat of (50°C to 60°C) for a humidity of (60% to 70%) for the new concept of the Bio-Sauna, which proposes a new balance between heat and humidity.

La Compagnie du Bien-Être studies and builds your future Sauna with a wide choice of materials so that it adapts to your desires.